Earn Money in "Bitcoin Market" !!! Bitcoin Makes Your Wishes True...

Our specialty and goal is to make money from: Bitcoin Trading , Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Investing.
In "8-Bit.cc", You can earn guaranteed, fixed profit in the Bitcoin Market with your unused money without any knowledge and so simple.

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About 8 Bit LTD

Bitcoin was borned in January 2009, From then on, Bitcoin has had a prominent growth among E-Currencies so that, Nowadays Bitcoin is the most expensive currency in the Crypto market and it seems that Investing in the Bitcoin Market is the best kind of investment which can changes your future completely.

8 Bit Group has worked since 2014, Specially on Bitcoin Trading and Investing locally in UK . We have run our first Bitcoin Mining Farm in 2018.
passing the time, Our group has developed more and more and in the beginning of 2021, We decided to expand our activity from local to international.
Today 8 Bit has been registered as an International Investment Company that provides Bitcoin specialized services such as: Trading Bitcoin , Mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Investment.
8-Bit.cc is a regulated platform which gives all people around the world the chance to enter the Bitcoin Market and make money in Bitcoin even with small amounts and without any experience.

MORE Detail

Investment Plans

8-Bit.cc has 4 Investment Plans which pay your earning hourly and you can withdraw your profit hourly without any limitation.


  • Duration: Forever
  • Min Deposit: 5$
  • Max Deposit: 8000$
  • Principal Back: Yes,Anytime
  • Principal Fee: 35 %
  • Min Withdraw: 1$ (BTC,ETH:5$)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %
  • Deposit & Withdrawal : Instant
Hourly: 0.10 %
Daily: 2.4 %
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  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Min Deposit: 5$
  • Max Deposit: 8000$
  • Principal Back: Yes,After 30 Days
  • Principal Fee: 0 %
  • Min Withdraw: 1$ (BTC,ETH:5$)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %
  • Deposit & Withdrawal : Instant
Hourly: 0.13 %
Daily: 3.12 %
Invest Now


  • Duration: 50 Days
  • Min Deposit: 5$
  • Max Deposit: 8000$
  • Principal Back: Yes,After 50 Days
  • Principal Fee: 0 %
  • Min Withdraw: 1$ (BTC,ETH:5$)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %
  • Deposit & Withdrawal : Instant
Hourly: 0.16 %
Daily: 3.84 %
Invest Now


  • Duration: Forever
  • Min Deposit: 5$
  • Max Deposit: 8000$
  • Principal Back: No,Profit Included
  • Principal Fee: 0 %
  • Min Withdraw: 1$ (BTC,ETH:5$)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0 %
  • Deposit & Withdrawal : Instant
Hourly: 0.20 %
Daily: 4.8 %
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8-Bit.cc Advantages

Bitcoin is the best kind of Investment and "8 Bit LTD" provides a simple platform which is the best place to Invest and make Safe money in the bitcoin market.

Registered Company

"8 Bit ltd" has been registered in London Companies House. In 8 Bit ltd we work Internationally and according to UK rules and laws.

Hourly Profit

"8-Bit.cc" Platform pays the investors' profit hourly into their account and all the investors can withdraw their profit hourly with no limitation.

Investor Anonymity

In order to invest in "8-Bit.cc" you dont need any identity documents for Registration, Deposit and withdrawals. and your money source does not matter to us.

Instant Withdrawal

All the withdrawals in "8-Bit.cc" are fully instant, profit or principal and you can send your money to your wallet with One click.

Referral Commission

You can Invite your familiars to Invest in "8-Bit.cc" and you earn referral commission up to 8 Levels without decreasing from the investors' deposit.

Professional Team

our professional experts have worked since 2014 in the crypto market and they are fully experienced and have the knowledge to make money in the bitcoin market.

Social Media

"8 Bit ltd" has various social medias in order to provide the best and the most simple way in which the investors can contact the our experts or the other investors.

Principal Back

In the Bronze Plan the investors can get back their main money any time. In the silver and Gold plan, the principal will be backed at the end of the plans.

High Security

"8-Bit.cc" servers are equipped with high secured SSL and are protected against ddos attack so "8-Bit.cc" is highly secured and the hackers can not access the accounts.

Referral Commission

In order to get referral commission, you should first register on 8-Bit.cc.When you register, your referral link is created even without deposit.You can use this link to invite others to make deposit on 8-Bit.cc and you get referral commission up to 8 Levels!!!

Referral Commission

  • Level 1 : 8 %
  • Level 2 : 1 %
  • Level 3 : 1 %
  • Level 4 : 1 %
  • Level 5 : 1 %
  • Level 6 : 1 %
  • Level 7 : 1 %
  • Level 8 : 1 %
  • Referral Withdrawal : Instant
8 Levels
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How to Earn Profit in 8-Bit.cc

First you should register in 8-Bit.cc, Login to your account, Go to deposit page, Choose your investment plan, Write your amount, Select your payment method, Make deposit, and after one hour get your first profit, Then you can enjoy your hourly profit.


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Select Plan and Deposit


Earn Profit Hourly

8-Bit.cc Latest Transactions

Here You can see a list of latest deposits and withdrawals in 8-Bit.cc.

Investor Date Amount Payment Method
May-18-2021 08:04:49 AM $100.00
May-18-2021 07:34:58 AM $201.10
May-18-2021 07:23:45 AM $1,500.00
May-18-2021 12:58:03 AM $6.08
May-17-2021 04:48:29 PM $43.00
May-17-2021 01:52:04 PM $100.00
May-17-2021 12:33:35 PM $67.00
May-17-2021 10:30:55 AM $14.00
May-17-2021 03:22:45 AM $80.00
May-17-2021 12:40:50 AM $196.28
Investor Date Amount Payment Method
May-18-2021 11:03:24 AM $1.03
May-18-2021 09:42:41 AM $2.20
May-18-2021 09:26:20 AM $100.00
May-18-2021 09:23:38 AM $1.50
May-18-2021 09:20:50 AM $1.00
May-18-2021 09:05:18 AM $2.30
May-18-2021 09:00:00 AM $3.70
May-18-2021 08:13:12 AM $1.46
May-18-2021 07:40:56 AM $1.00
May-18-2021 05:40:14 AM $2.40

Our Top Local Investors

in "8-Bit Group", we have worked since 2014 locally in London and up to 2021 all of our Investors were local. you can see a limited list of our top local investors who let us publish their name here.

Harold Bryant
Investment - 750,000 $
Paul Murphy
Investment - 625,120 $
Gloria Flores
Investment - 498,000 $
Adrian Cox
Investment - 483,500
Alberto Evans
Investment - 410,000 $
Linda Watkins
Investment - 360,000 $
Luna River
Investment - 250,000 $
Ricardo Bennett
Investment - 90,000 $

Start Today With 8-Bit.cc

"8-Bit.cc" is a revolutionary Investment Platform!
Invest for future in this stable platform and make safe money.
We not only guarantee the fixed profit on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.

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E-Currencies We Accept

We accept : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, DASH, ZCASH, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Neo, Tether


8-Bit.cc Latest News

Be update about all the events in 8-Bit.cc by following the latest News.

8 Bit ltd Identity

- Company Name: 8 Bit ltd
- Company Registration Number: 13382973
- Company Barcode Number: N13382973N
- Company Sic Code: 66300
- Company Address: 22 Harley street London, England, W1G 9AP
- The Managing Director: Mr Rayan Vaughan
- Office Telephone:+44 2030 262496
- Official Email: 8bitinvestment@gmail.com
- Whatsapp Support:+44 7547 791180
- Telegram Support: @EightBitSupport
- Telegram Group: @EightBitltdGroup

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